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When we set out to establish a hospitality focused enterprise, the idea was never to implement a radical approach to change the industry. It was to look back at its inception, when the likes of John Jacob Astor and César Ritz introduced the world to the epitome of luxury. Learning from our history, to bring about incremental changes to the application of the core principles, is what brings us here today.

After nearly a decade of representing Private Equity Holding Companies and Hospitality Management Conglomerates, we are proud to announce that we are opening our first hospitality outpost in the heart of Manhattan’s Golden Triangle, where the Upper East Side meets Midtown East on Park Avenue. With daily high tea service and a cocktail menu curated to intrigue the culinary senses, this establishment takes its cue from the old world British and French aristocracy.

Here’s presenting:

ARORA – L’art du Cocktail

“They say we’re homesick most for the places we’ve never known. A profound thought, albeit deep rooted in the romanticization of the past. People often leave traces of themselves, through instances of time where they feel most comfortable. While we all have, at one time or another, been intoxicated by the power of nostalgia, it is important to remember that what drives the intoxication, holds the imperative. After all, in times when ignorance is bliss, it is indeed folly to be wise.

From the gilded age, marked by the construction of the Metropolitan Opera House, to the roaring twenties, which helmed the Prohibition Era and the Jazz Age. From the sailors marking the end of the second world war, to the rise of a life of diversity, ranging from the executives on Madison Avenue to the artists of the East Village. Fraught with countless adversities on every corner, no other city has ever inspired more resilience, more spirit, more gravitas!!

So, let’s raise a toast to the times gone by, while we aspire to rebuild a better world for tomorrow, right here, together, in the world city, New York City!”

Welcome to the ARORA!